1st Annual Vermont Fly Fishing Show

Date: September 11th, 12th 13th
Location: The Fly Rod Shop, Stowe, VT
Cost:  Friday night clinics, Saturday clinics and events Free!                                                                                                                                                                  Group  stream tour:$95.00 per person (gear included)

Join The Fly Rod Shop for our first annual Fly Fishing Show right here in Stowe Vermont!   The weekend will kick off with group instructional stream tours Friday morning. Take advantage of the chance to jump into the action with our experienced guides.  The groups will go out Friday morning on a local stream selected by the guides.  The spots will book up fast so reserve your spots soon.  Friday evening we will hold free fly tying Presentations.  Come see  the pros create beautiful trout, pike, bass, and  Muskie Patterns.

Saturday is all free!  We’ll have an action packed day full of everything from Michael Mauri doing two handed casings demos to Bill Newcomb tying Catskill style dries. We will have Justin Sterner there giving you a sneak peak of what Simms has to offer for 2016!  Brad Gage will be there with a full line up of Sage fly rods to try out as well.   Jump in on a casting clinic.  There will be on the river fishing demonstrations minutes away from the shop on everything from nymphing with a raven float to getting a true dead drift on a dry fly!  It’s not something you’re going to want to miss.  Sit in on Steelhead and Destination travel presentations in our classroom.  Come see what is under the tent.  The American Museum of fly fishing will have an exhibit.  Trout Unlimited Chapters will be here to talk about what is going on.  Bring in gear for our gear swap.  Talk to our product representatives about the latest gear, and enjoy a Trapps Brewery Beer!

Sunday is all about the water.  Central Vermont’s watersheds are some of the most beautiful waters.  We are all here because of the fishing, so finish the weekend off right.   While you’re here Sunday book a guide for a private stream tour, float in a drift boat, or take the charter boat out for some still water.  Bring the family, or those fishing buddies to enjoy the scenic Stowe area.  This going to be an awesome event!

We are very excited about the line-up of celebrity and local presenters coming to our event.  Here is a little introduction to the presenters that are coming!

Two handed spey and distance casting

Michael Mauri








Recognized internationally as an outstanding fly caster, Michael was born and raised in Germany and caught his first fish at age six in a small stream in Bavaria. In 1983, at age 12, he first devoted himself entirely to every facet of the sport of fly fishing.

Since 1998, Michael has participated in international shows and conducted single- and double-hand casting workshops around the globe. As a professional fly-fisher, he has guided throughout Europe and the United States. Welcoming new challenges, he continuously hones his skills while – at the same time – coming up with new designs for his own products just as he long did for equipment offered by leading firms in the fly-fishing industry.

Michael is an innovator in all aspects of fly fishing and his years of martial-arts training allowed him to create the Effective Fly Casting Technique, or EFCT, based on natural movement, which is easy to learn – whether for a beginner, novice, or seasoned casting veteran.

Michael’s life is all things fly fishing; he even met his wife Emily at a Fly Fishing Show! But put him in his element – on the waters of the world – and he becomes one with nature, just like when he was six years old in Bavaria.

Don’t miss an opportunity at shows or otherwise to join one of the most respected instructors in fly fishing and casting including all aspects of single-handed and double-handed spey casting and overhead casting.

In 2013, Michael and Mike McFarland teamed up to form a new rod company. Seele Fly Rods (pronounced zay-luh) based in Bellwood, Pennsylvania, USA. Seele offers, worldwide, high-end graphite and fiberglass fly rods, including Spey and switch rods. All Seele fly rods are entirely built and handcrafted, piece-by-piece, in Bellwood.



Fly Tying Presenters


Bill Newcomb– The Reel Cowboy







Bill resides in Columbia county New York.  He started tying as a kid, and has been tying nearly fifty years.  He is a featured fly tier at the Fly Fishing Show circuit.  He ties flies that catch fish.  Bill prefers Catskill style trout flies, and specializes in patterns created by George LaBrache like the Pink Lady.  He enjoys fly fishing history.  His preferred water is small streams like the Roe Jan River, but enjoys chasing stripers in the Hudson.


Kevin Ramirez







I’m a Long Island transplant who found myself captivated by Vermont’s beauty nearly 12 years ago. Vermont proved itself to be the perfect back drop to help me grow and learn as a fly fishermen, and has allowed me to take what may have started as a hobby and turn it into an integral part of everyday life. As I became more accustomed to the diverse species and fisheries Vermont had to offer I began to realize that I couldn’t limit myself to one specific style of fly fishing. While predatory fish like pike and musky have a special place in my heart, as I find the chase among the most thrilling, nothing beats a quiet little trout stream in the mountains. No matter the body of water or species of fish, there’s something to learn and something to catch. Right from the start I began tying my own flies. There was just something magical about the thought of catching a fish on something I created with my own hands. Tying flies wasn’t only therapeutic, but after countless nights of tying it has proven to be far more rewarding than I had ever imagined. I evolved from an economical fisherman to thinking like a predator, in hopes that my flies would look as appetizing to them as they did to me. Influenced by tiers such as Lefty Kreh, Jim Misuria, Brad Bohen, Brian Price (Vermont fly guys) and many others, through trial and error I now feel comfortable sharing with you my findings in hope these flies will work for you too. –Kevin Ramirez (#pikenasty)


John Conrad






John started guiding with Bob about 20 years ago when The Fly Rod Shop guiding service began. John avidly fly fishes and spin fishes in salt water for the inshore species of Snook, Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout and Tarpon, along the west coast of Florida. Instructing and turning beginners on to the sport he loves encourages him every day. He also instructs our private lessons, and supplies the shop with specialty trout, pike, and Muskie patterns.