The fishing on the lakes in our neck of the woods have had their ups and downs in the past few weeks. The pike bite has been sporadic with somedays being one or two fish days and others being seven or eight. S0 far though we have iced at least one a day with plenty of perch to go around for everyone. The perch have been biting really well on Chartreuse Hali Jigs tipped with two maggots. This has kept us busy on the days that have been slower. We have gotten some surprises though while jigging for perch, running into Northerns while jigging with ultra light perch rods has happened three times in the past 5 days, a big surprise and a heck of a fight. The pike we have been getting have been all over the place as well, some in less than three feet of water and others in ten or more. They have seemed to be eating large golden shiners or small perch we have jigged up equally well.

The Ice conditions right now are less than ideal, most lakes have a good 5″-6″ of slush beneath up to 18″ of snow. The slush is mainly caused from the weight of the snow pressing down on the ice forcing water to come up onto the ice. Snowshoes would be highly recommended to prevent sinking into the slush. As for Ice conditions, Elmore is really thick, I haven’t measured it but I would say there is close to 36″ there, a few more inches and my power auger will be bottoming out, Waterbury is around the 20″ mark along with the majority of the other inland lakes.