Josh turkey pic30 turkey hunters reported their success to the Fly Rod Shop in Stowe during the first week of this spring’s season.

Some birds exceeded 18 pounds in weight, and with this beautiful weather the season so far looks quite promising.

Here’s a rundown on the successful first-week hunters.

David Clewia, 13lbs-5oz and 18lbs; Todd Mack, 18lbs and 17lbs; Riley Abair, 16lbs-5oz; Dennis Wallace, 14lbs; Daniel Dion, 14lbs; Arthur Morrill, 12lbs-5oz and 15lbs; Christopher Rogers,12lbs-5oz; Roy Raymond, 14lbs-5oz; Stephen Smith, 12lbs-5oz; Charles Thompson, 12lbs-5oz; Craig Montgomery, 18lbs-5oz; Joey Davis, 18lbs; Robert Mandigo, 15lbs-5oz; Eric Nuse, 16lbs-5oz; Mark Roy, 15lbs; Joseph Mac, 12lbs; Andrew Abair, 17lbs-5oz; Kermit Spaulding, 12lbs; Alan Boyea, 18lbs-8oz; Bruce Therrien, 17lbs-8oz; Connor Brown, 13lbs-5oz; Robert LeFebure, 15lbs; Riley Abair, 17lbs-5oz; Ryan Sherman, 19lbs-5oz; Colin Mandigo, 11lbs-5oz; Michael LeMaire, 13lbs-5oz; Dale Percy, 16lbs-5oz.