September 2012 – Newsletter

Volume: 3
Issue: 9
Circulated: 09/05/2012

Mount Norris Boy Scout Camp

One of the programs we conducted out of The Fly Rod Shop this summer was the Fishing and Fly Fishing Merit Badge classes at the Mount Norris Scout Reservation in Eden, Vermont. This was the first year The Fly Rod Shop taught these Merit Badge Programs and the first time in recent years these Merit Badges had been offered at the Mount Norris Reservation. We ran this program for 4 weeks this summer, and had a total of 34 participants, 17 for each program.

The basic Fishing Merit Badge class was conducted on Mondays for those 4 weeks this summer. Some of the requirements that were necessary to receive the badge were; knowing the equipment and how to set it up, tying certain knots, knowing different fish species and regulations, fisherman safety and several others. After spending the morning raising their fishing IQ, we also got to spend some time out on the lawn doing some practice casting for distance and accuracy. Then, before we hit the water to fish and put our new skills and knowledge to the test we stopped by the small stream near the reservation to check out the aquatic life. On the small stream we collected some bug samples, talked about a fishes diet, when and where they like to eat, and where the fish can be found in a river. Once we got to the lake to fish the kids set up their own rods, baited their hooks, and even caught fish!


The Fly Fishing Merit Badge class was taught on Tuesdays this summer, many students who participated in the Fishing Merit Badge also earned their Fly Fishing Merit Badge. This program had a similar outline to the Fishing Merit Badge, with a few differences. The kids were still required to learn about all the equipment, fish identification, fishing laws, and fisherman safety. In addition to these the kids also had to tie several more knots, including the clinch, surgeons, perfection loop, arbor, and nail knot. We also spent time discussing the different types of flies such as streamers, nymphs, dries, terrestrials, and poppers. In addition to learning about these flies the kids even got to tie their own Wooly Buggers! After learning about all the equipment and how it differs from that used for spin fishing, we spent time practicing both the roll cast and false cast in a nearby field. Just like the Fishing Merit Badge class, at the end we spent time studying a small stream and then hit the lake where we still caught fish on the fly!

This was the first year we taught the Merit Badge programs at the Mount Norris Scout Reservation, however we teach a similar Junior Fishing Program here at the shop every week throughout the summer. If you have kids or know some that attends the Mount Norris Scout Reservation in the summer make sure to tell them about the Fishing and Fly Fishing Merit Badge programs, or if you know kids that want to learn more about fishing call the shop to sign them up for our Junior Fishing Program!

The following sponsors helped to make the Boy Scouts possible for this summer:

Hunters Anglers and Trappers Association of Vermont (HATAV)
Central Vermont Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Lake Champlain International (LCI)