New Fly Rod Shop 2014 Product

by: Zach Rabideau

As we embrace another harsh winter in Northern New England, the staff at The Fly Rod Shop is busy trying to keep the shanty warm for the hardy ice fishing customers.  In addition to lining up summer programming, booking trips, and traveling to seven trade shows, we are introducing several manufacturers such as Sage, Rio, Redington,  as well as Regal fly tying vices.  We are very excited to have these great companies join our team.  Besides greatly increasing the variety of fly rods we will have in stock by adding products from these manufacturers, we will also have a larger selection of fly lines, leaders, and tippet materials for our customers to choose from.  We will continue to stock top of the line fishing products from Hardy/Grey’s, Simms, St. Croix, Ross, R.L. Winston, Waterworks/Lamson, Korkers, Scientific Anglers, Jackson Cardinal, Montana Fly Company, and numerous other fishing companies that our customers have come to expect.   As new products arrive throughout the season, be sure to take a look at our website.  We are constantly updating the 2014 new product page. In this month’s newsletter we will be highlighting some new gear from Simms Fishing Products.

A couple weeks ago we got in the first order of Simms’ new fishing packs released for the 2014 season. So far, we’ve received the Headwaters Hip Pack, the Headwaters Chest Pack, the Headwaters Guide Hip Pack, and the Headwaters Guide Chest Pack. The first thing that will catch your eye when you see the new Headwaters Packs are the compression molded front panels.  Not only do these panels look cool, they provide extra protection for your tackle by being semi-crushproof, and they fold down to provide you with a nice flat working tray.

LeadThe Headwaters Hip Pack and Guide Hip Pack are both extremely lightweight and boast a ton of storage space. While the Guide Hip Pack is capable of holding more gear, both have plenty of room in the compartmentalized main pocket to hold multiple fly boxes and accessories.  Both have stretch mesh water bottle pockets. Other than a few minor feature changes between the two bags, the main difference is the capacity.  The basic Headwaters Hip Pack attaches magnetically to the Headwaters Hydration Backpack via Simms “Catch and Release” System.  It also has a removable hook/loop floatant-holder, and tippet spool retainer on the front, while the Headwaters Guide Hip Pack features an ergonomic cushion waistband with zippered pockets.

The Headwaters Chest Packs are based on the same design as the Hip Packs. They are slightly smaller, a little bit lighter, but still feature the same molded compression compartment on the front.  The main difference is the way in which the angler wears them. The features of the Headwaters Chest Packs are virtually identical to the Hip Packs. Personally, I find the Chest Packs more comfortable to wear. However, I do appreciate the extra storage of the Hip Packs. Honestly, I would be pleased to own any of these very functional, stylish new fishing packs from Simms. If you can’t wait to stop in the Fly Rod Shop to see these new 2014 products by Simms, check out this month’s newlsetter video.