Nymphing 101

Seminar: Nymphing 101 w/Bob Shannon & Josh Adams
Date: Saturday, August 2rd
Time: 6:30am to 10:30am
Location: Fly Rod Shop, Stowe, VT
Instructors: Bob Shannon, Josh Adams
Seminar Size: 10
Cost: $85

The most effective way to consistently catch trout is Nymphing. Over the years, new and innovative techniques, tactics and flies have been created and improved upon to bring subsurface fly fishing into the realms of both art and science. Master instructor Bob Shannon and Josh Adams of the Fly Rod Shop will be conducting an intensive 4 hour program introducing and demonstrating many of these innovations, as well as the traditional and classic methods. In the classroom and on the river, participants will become acquainted with the use of strike indicators, the various types of split shot configurations, the use of tandem fly rigs and leader formulas. Students will gain a greater understanding of these techniques in the on-river portion of the day, where they will learn how to read and search the water while putting into practice effective drifting tactics. And a great bonus will be the opportunity to take part in learning Czech/European nymphing and Bob’s adaptation of the Raven float system to use with a floating line in trout and steelhead fishing. This has developed into THE system for increasing your catch rate!