One of Bob’s Clients with a spring drop back steelhead that destroyed a streamer fished with a Pulse Disc. On this particular day they made a pass through a run swinging flies without a disc, came up empty handed. After re swinging the hole with a Pulse Disc they were able to swing three up. Same fly, just way more movement.


Several years ago while attending the New Jersey Fly Fishing Show I walked past a booth that had a fish tank with a large streamer pattern underwater. The fly was articulating and caught my attention as it would for any apex predator fish. It stopped me dead in my tracks and I began a conversation with the owner of the company; Jim Matson of Brinefly Innovations His product; the pulse disc had been tied to the leader in front of the fly with a loop knot and was demonstrating the effect of the cup shaped plastic disc on any streamer pattern from trout to saltwater size. It will enhance the movement of the fly putting any lethargic fish into a feeding frenzy. Needless to say I quickly returned to his booth with cash in hand and purchased several boxes of the two different kits available, the freshwater and saltwater. The pluse disc kit offers several sizes with each set to better suit the fly sizes that you choose. The concept is simple, make the fly vibrate through the water better than you can with just the rod. The disc pushes water and creates an echo vibration which attracts any predator fish to strike either out of aggression or curiosity. The best way to enhance the performance of a pusle disc is to cast slightly down and across allowing the river current to help create better performance of the disc. With a tight line, the disc will push more water and vibrate more and add a significant amount of movement to the fly. Over the past years this added movement has become a game changer for streamer fishing. For those of you willing to give this attractant a try it will become a regular accessory to your equipment like using dressing on a dry fly or an indicator to nymph fish.

Pulse Disc Multi Pack-Freshwater Kit