The bass fishing was on fire today. Last week they were in 35-40 feet of water and this week they were in 4-5 feet. We fished many different flies but the bass seemed to go after a Black Wooly Bugger tied with MFC Crystal Eyes and MFC Swisher’s Wiggly Hackle in black. These on a size 4 or 6 were the best sizes. We found the bass to be most responsive on casts towards rocky shorelines allowing the fly to tick the bottom. We would pick up some fish along other shorelines with brush but the majority were on shorelines with rocks or gravel. All of the takes were very subtle but when the fish felt the hook all hell broke loose. In the two hours I was out there I landed close to two dozen fish, the biggest of which was between 18-19 inches and weighed roughly 3 and a half pounds. Lost a few other nice ones. All in all a good day. Get out there!


Smallmouth Bass