The weather has been much cooler in the past two weeks making afternoon trout fishing much more productive. Having said that even fishing in the afternoons has been tough some days, other days it seemed as though the fish would hit anything. Both the Winooski and Lamoille River are running in the Mid 50’s with the temp peaking anywhere between noon and 3pm depending on the weather outside. This is when the bug activity has peaked as well. The Salmon run in the NEK is in full force now and Salmon are showing up in the Winooski and Lamoille river down near lake Champlain along with a few early Steelhead. Dry fly fishing has slowed substantially but there have still been a few mid-day hatches that have gotten fish looking up. Nymphing and streamer fishing will surely be the most productive. Fishing in fast water in the 3′-5′ depth range with a raven 2.2 and a Bird of Prey or other caddis emerger have proven to be effective on the Winooski down towards Bolton. Fishing the deep pools with this set up or a Pin Leech or Wooly Bugger with a sink-tip leader will also be effective. Any waters that are known for large Browns should start producing fish even in low clear water. These fish are most likely going to take large bulky streamers that imitate both leeches and minnows. As for the Landlocked Atlantic Salmon they’re going to be taking a little bit of everything. Streamers can be quite productive at times, other times they won’t even take a second look at them and nymphs will be the catchers. These fish can be pulled out of both fast water and deep pools, one of my favorite spots to fish for them is in a back eddy where the water is still. These fish will continue to run up some of the rivers for the next month or so, providing us with some excellent fishing.

The Flies seen in the Featured Image starting from bottom left moving Counter clockwise are: #14 BWO Sunk Spinner, #16 Bird of Prey, #16 Red Copper John, #18 Red Brassie, #6 Yellow Coon Fur Streamer, #6 Rainbow Trout Variation, #8 Arctic Fox Fur Leech, #6 Conehead Bunny Leech and a #4 Mcginnis Extra Stout.