Yesterday I had a trip that consisted of two brothers; one being 9 years of age who had never fly fished before, the other 14 years old who had been on a few other guiding trips. We started out on the pond just to learn the casting stroke and Harris, the nine year old picked up on it pretty quick so we decided to head out and get on the water. Most of the larger rivers are still pretty blown out from all of the rain we’ve been getting so I decided to head for the hills. The water there was even high but it was still gin clear. Fishing a #14 Light Cahill (my go to trout fly) we had a fish on on the third cast. He came off rather quick but it was a good sign. We fished upstream fishing both the main pools, but we made sure not to pass up any of the small pocket water. Fishing the pocket water was where we got most of our action. Then the competition started, the two brother fished hard, each trying to outfish the other one. They went neck and neck the entire time, one would catch one and the other would catch one right after. They ended up tying with 6 fish a piece, plus about a dozen trees. In weather like this, when rains are heavy and frequent it isn’t a bad idea to “Head for the Hills,” water will reside in higher elevations within a day of a storm in most situations. Keep this in mind the next time you look at the Winooski or Lamoille and get discouraged because they’re blown out.

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