Last Wednesday (7/3/13), John and I took out a group of four friends visiting from Puerto Rico. True to form for 2013, the trip began with a soaking rain shower. As everyone scrambled for rain jackets, John and I waited it out in the parking lot and did some product testing on our own rain jackets. When the boys returned they donned neon yellow rain-slickers. After I explained that Trout can see color quite well, we stashed the jackets. We split up into two groups and headed for some Brookie streams. Once again, high water made the fishing tough. We worked some dries where we could, but woolly buggers were the standby for the day. In our few hours on the water, we connected with a few small Brookies, all of which shook themselves off the hook. This is actually a good thing. These tiny trout are very delicate and handling them removes the slimy film, which protects them from bacteria, infection, and temperature fluctuations. When you catch these tiny trout just grip the bend of the hook, and the fish will shake itself free. No need to handle them at all. Thanks for coming out guys. Stop by on your next trip to Stowe!