Well the rains have come!  Although the rains have caused some flash floods and damage to some areas, the fishing in other spots are has been on fire.  Annually some of the largest fish of the season are taken during these high water events.  Fishing in these conditions can be intimidating to some anglers because of high water flows, reduced visibility wading, and the thought “can the fish even see my fly?”….  A few pointers for these conditions are as follows.  Use caution wading.  Try to stay in knee deep water or less.  Fish are often close to the banks in high water anyway.  Try to fish as the water is starting to drop and clear.  Lots of food is available and becoming easier for the fish to see.  The dirty water provides added cover for the fish making them less spooky and you less visible.  I say, feed em’ big!  The big fish feed more actively in these conditions, so give them something worth eating.   I would like to congratulate Ed on his very first trout, a wild 18” brown (below).  I hope he hasn’t been tainted…. Nice fish!  So don’t hesitate to go out and play in the mud.  You may be surprised what lurks beneath.  J.A.