Well, its been a good run.  The fish are finishing up with their spawning ritual and making their way back to the lake.  The drop back fishing has been consistently decent to good throughout the entire river.  It has also been a good run with our clientele, keeping us right out straight with trips into the first week of may.  Right now the only question is; what will the the water do?  The flow just dropped to 500 cfs, and with clear skies in the forecast and trees and vegetation sucking up ground water , it wont be coming up any time soon. But after all it is almost May, and even though we prefer levels of more than twice the current volume we gotta take what we get and make the most of it.  There are still plenty of fish around so the fishing should hold out for while yet.  Egg patters and beads have been doing the trick, but with water temps on the rise, swinging streamers is taking a few fish also.  Who knows? Maybe this week dry flies may even come into play… Fingers crossed.  Josh