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Junior Fishing and Survival Programs

Junior Fishing Program

Teaching the fundamentals of “Having Fun Fishing.”

One of the programs offered at The Fly Rod Shop for young anglers is the Junior Fishing Program. Parents, if your child enjoys fishing but it just isn’t your thing, or you are tired of doing all the work for them, by the end of this class the students will have the knowledge needed to fish for themselves! This 3 hour class includes time both in the classroom, and outside on The Fly Rod Shop pond. Inside, kids will learn the basics about spin fishing. Time will be spent going over must-know information such as fish identification, parts of the rod and hook, lures & bait, and how to stay safe while fishing. Also, kids will learn how to tie the fisherman’s knot (line to hook), the surgeons knot (line to line), how to put on a bobber, and how to bait their hook.

Once stepping outside to the pond we will go over how to make the perfect cast, how basic lures work, and even find some of the food fish love to eat! Kids will be given nets and sent off around the small pond to capture all the aquatic insects and any other “fish food” they can find. After comparing what they find to the bait they can use kids will have a better understanding of what the fish want to eat. At the end of this class, everything they learned will be put to use as they are sent out to the pond to set up their own equipment and try to catch a rainbow or brook trout! This class is great for beginners or for those more experienced that want to perfect their skills. All the gear is provided or the kids are welcome to bring their own if they have it.

Summer Camps: Fly Rod Shop 2019

Junior Fishing Program Monday
June 24th – August 12th 9:00 – 12:00

June 24th: Casting Competition
Location: Fly Rod Shop
Campers will kick off camp with a competition that helps our Junior fishing champs learn how to be accurate with their casting, with a chance to show off their. They will learn how a fishing rod assists with casting. Kids will fish right on the stocked pond at the Fly Rod Shop with a chance to catch a stunning Rainbow Trout.

July 1st: All About Fish
Location: Cotton Brook State Park
In this class, kids will identify different types of fish and learn about what makes a fish so special! In order to be an effective angler, we have to know a few things about a fish’s senses and about their life under the water. We will be searching for fish biting at Cotton Brook State Park.

July 8th: Bait, Lures and Flies
Fishing: Waterbury Center State Park
Now that campers have learned about the senses of a fish, they can now begin to discover how different bait, lures, and flies target those specific senses. They will get to see different types of lures and learn about different flies. While fishing at Waterbury Center State Park, they can try their luck with trying a lure to catch a Smallmouth Bass!

July 15th: Fishing Knots
Fishing: Cotton Brook
A great skill to have as an angler is being an expert at knot tying. Campers will learn the classic “Fisherman’s Knot” (Improved Clinch Knot), along with a Surgeon’s Knot and a perfection loop knot. Afterwards, campers will take these skills and catch some fish down at cotton brook.

July 22nd: How to Cook and Clean a Fish
Location: Fly Rod Shop
There is nothing tastier than fresh caught fish. Kids will start off by fishing for a rainbow trout hidden in the pond at the Fly Rod Shop. Campers who want to learn how to clean a fish will get the chance to watch a demonstration and be taught how to do it! We will fry it up on the grill with lemon, garlic, and butter for a tasty snack.

July 29th: Fish Food
Location: Cotton Brook
A trout’s diet makes up mainly of insects that are either underwater or on top of the water. We will search for the three main insects in their larval stage in the water. We will see what is the dominant species is in that stream. With that in mind, campers will see what fish may be feeding at Cotton Brook.

August 5th: Fly Fishing Demonstration
Location: Fly Rod Shop
Fly fishing is an elegant art mixed with all of the natural sciences. Kids will get to see two different types of fly fishing casts. Some may even get the chance to try to perfect a roll cast on our pond and catch a fish using a fly rod on our pond. We will try to catch a big trout right on our pond!

August 12th: Gone Fishin’
Location: Kid’s Choice!
As the summer is coming to an end, we will send off our Junior Fishing Camp with a bang! Kids will get to choose their favorite fishing spot of our summer program and go back for one last day of fishing. We will kick back and try to catch the big fish of the summer!

Junior Survival Camp

Initially, our Survival Camp was run through a few private rec camps but by popular demand we are offering it as a weekly program during the summer. Learn Survival Fundamentals such as fire building, shelter building, foraging and much more!! This camp will have a different theme each week, give us a call to find out what theme we will be teaching. Taught by one of our professional guides who has the knowledge and experience to teach this class with ease. Be sure to have children dressed with weather appropriate clothing, and don’t be surprised if they get a little dirty!! This is a hands on class and children will be outside!


On The Fly Rod Shop Pond. 

Survival Program Mondays
June 24th – August 12th 9:00 – 12:00

June 24th: Intro into Survival/Shelter Building
Welcome to the adventure of the Survival Program at the Fly Rod Shop. Campers will start off learning about the Rules of Three, the golden rule of survival! Campers will build a debris shelter to get them through any survival situation!

July 1st: Fire Building
Fire is a precious tool in the survival world. Kids will become experts on different types of wood, structures and all of the elements that create fire. There will be a challenge for the entire group! They will have to build a fire structure and have it be lit with one match! Come test your skills! S’mores may be included!

July 8th: Tree Identification
Our forests are made up of so many different species of trees. Some are helpful in survival situations for food, protection, and for fire building. Campers will learn the differences between coniferous and broadleaved trees and identify (using Tree I.D. Bingo) some of the trees in our Northern Forests.

July 15th: Water Purification
Water is essential to life! If you are in a survival situation, not all water is safe! Come learn how to purify water in three different ways! We will need to use skills from previous classes to assist with this new skill.

July 22nd: Wildlife Tracking
Come explore different animals via the tracks they leave behind for us to find. Kids will learn how to identify different animals tracks that live in Vermont and some tricks of the trades to trackers. We will learn how animals walk and how all of this ties into survival!

July 29th: Orienteering
Not many people know how to use a map and compass. These tools can help you navigate and get to civilization if you are lost. These are great tools that can also help you find the most amazing hiking trails. Campers will go on a scavenger hike using a compass to find different treasures around the woods!

August 5th Making Cordage out of Grass
What tools do you take with you when you go camping? Was rope one of the tools that first came to mind? Rope can be useful in many different events. What do you do if you don’t have rope? In this camp, kids will learn to use the resources we have in order to make cordage. Each camper will make their own rope to bring home and show off their skills.

August 12th: Survival Challenge!
Now that campers have perfected their survival skills, they will be put to the test! Can they remember all of the skills they learned? They will have to work together to make a sturdy survival shelter, build a fire, and be ready to purify water! The teacher will have to test their shelter to see if it is waterproof… their fire structure by using one match… and test their skills on water purification! Are you up for the challenge?


COVID-19 Update

  1. All Guides will be required to wear face covering and gloves at all times.
  2. All clients will be required to wear a face covering and gloves. Face coverings are for sale at the Fly Rod Shop if clients would like to purchase them before the trip. Vinyl Gloves (S, M, L, XL) will also be available for clients. 
  3. Clients will be required to sign a COVID-19 liability waiver prior to the start of the program. 
  4. All Fishing gear (boots, waders, fly rod, flies, etc.) are provided for fishing trips. All waders and boots are washed and cleaned after every use. Waders are sun dried as a precaution to COVID-19. Fly Rods will also be washed after each use. 
  5. Clients are responsible for transportation to the Fly Rod Shop and to the fishing location. THE FLY ROD SHOP WILL NO LONGER BE PROVIDING TRANSPORTATION.
  6. Clients are required to have a fishing license. Licenses can be purchased at the Fly Rod Shop or online at the Vermont Fish and Wildlife website. Clients must have a valid fishing license on their person during their fishing trip.
  7. All Guides and Fly Rod Shop Staff have completed the COVID-19 training offered by the State of Vermont as well as First Aid/CPR certified. 
  8. All programs will be privatized. No additional groups will be added to programs due to COVID-19 precautions. 

Call to reserve 802-253-7346


June 25th– August 13th Time Cost
Junior Fishing-Monday 9am-12pm $39.00/class
Junior Survival-Monday 1pm-4pm $39.00/class



Call to reserve 802-253-7346


What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Rain gear(if applicable)
  • Hat


At a minimum, all of our guides are basic first aid and CPR certified by the Red Cross. The guides are there to make necessary decisions to ensure everyone’s safety, and to help if an emergency situation should arise.

Additional Information:

  • All equipment, gear and bait are provided by the Fly Rod Shop however kids can feel free to bring their own equipment if they have it.
  • Advance registration required. Space is limited so book early.

Cancellation Policy:

The Fly Rod Shop reserves the right to cancel any program and/or make changes to itineraries as deemed necessary.  You can contact us any time to cancel your reservation, however your deposit is not refundable if within 7 days of the program.

Limitation of Liability:

  • We are not liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained to participants or personal property.
  • The Fly Rod Shop reserves the right to change program rates at any time.