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Raven Float Kit (Steelhead)

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Arm yourself with one of these kits before you go on your next steelheadin’ adventure.

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One of our favorite and arguably one of the most effective ways to target steelhead with a fly rod would be using a Raven Float. These large “bobbers” are designed to carry weight allowing us to get our flies down to the proper depth in a vertical manor-meaning that everything suspends vertically below our bobber. This allows us to get a much more accurate gauge of depth when nymphing and also reduces the ability for our fly to swing which will improve the realism of our drift as well as reduce fowl hooked fish.

This kit comes with the following items:

1 Pack of Raven 1/16″ Silicone Tubing

1 Pack of Raven 4XS Micro Swivels

2 Raven 2.2 Gram FS Floats

2 Raven 3.8 Gram FS Floats

2 Raven 5.0 Gram FS Floats

1 Pack of Loon No #1 Camo Drops (Split Shot)



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