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Sink Tip Leader/Streamer Kit


A great fly assorment/leader kit for any angler hitting the water! These are great fall, winter and spring fly patterns!! A great stocking stuff as well!

In stock


Late fall and early winter is a great time of the year to start swinging for trout! The post spawn browns get hungry, the rainbows are hungry and the flows are usually at a great flow!
Sink tip leaders are the easiest way to turn any floating fly line quickly into a sink-tip streamer flinging machine. We’ve used lots of sink tip leaders in the past, and although some may cast a little nicer than the ones we’ve included in this kit, these ones will take a beating and get your flies down to where they need to go. We’ve also thrown in some of our favorite streamer patterns for late fall and winter along with some Ultragreen 8lb Maxima-this is the stuff to use when swinging small to mid sized streamers! It takes a beating and is far stronger than any of your trout tippet.
Included in this kit:
1-T-14 3ft Sink Tip
1-T-14 5ft Sink Tip
1-T-14 7ft Sink Tip
These are all made here at the shop with Rio’s Intouch T-14 Material, nail knotted on both sides with a couple inches of 25lb maxima and a perfection loop
1-27yd Spool of Maxima Ultragreen
1-Olive Complex Twist Bugger
1-White Marabou Muddler Minnow (white)
1-Brown Bunny Muddler
1-Brown Moto Minnow
1-Black/Grizzly Slimbugger
1-Olive/Brown Wooly Bugger

****When using the Maxima on the end of the sink-tip it’s important to use a loop to loop connection and to only use 30-36″ of maxima!! Do not run a full length leader-this is the most common mistake we see anglers make while rigging up sink-tip systems.



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