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2021 Specialty Classes




 Looking to dial in specific techniques this season? Be sure to check out our upcoming specialty classes to be held this summer. (2021) Classes have limited space so please call ahead to book your spot today!

Each specialty class will cover everything from technique, rod/reel set ups to leader formulas to actual fishing.  The first half of this class to be conducted at the shop in a classroom setting, in the second half of the session the river will become the classroom.  These classes will run from 9am-3pm with a lunch break from 12-12:45. Due to COVID we are unable to provide lunch. 

Cost: $129.00 per person (8 Person Max per Class)

Call to book your spot now!!

All Classes run from 9am-3pm

For a more detailed outline of each of the classes please scroll to the bottom  

What to bring: 

  -A Valid Vermont Fishing License  

 -Waders/Boots- if you want to borrow a pair now worries! Just please let us know ahead of time  


 -Rods are optional, feel free to bring yours, rods configurations will vary a little for each class and we will have enough for everyone to use our gear 


 Class Dates: 

 Streamer Class-6/5/2021 

 Nymphing Class-6/12/21  

 Dry Fly Class-6/19/21  

 Spey Class-6/26/21  

Women’s Fly Fishing School-7/10/21


Streamer Class (6/5/2021):

 Looking to dial in your streamer game? Learn about different streamer presentations, when and why with each one along with different rigging and gear from sink tips to intermediate lines to floating lines. Learn how to effectively cast with heavily weighted flies and lines along with dialing in different retrieval methods for different water conditions. 

 Nymphing Class (6/12/21)

Learn when and why to use an indicator, which kind of indicator to use and when to ditch the indicator completely. We’ll cover different fly styles, when to use which one, what kind of water to fish at different times of the year. We’ll also cover building your own leaders, what knots to use etc… Learn how to properly flip mend, stack mend and more!


Dry Fly Class (6/19/21):

There’s a lot more to dry fly fishing than most think. Learn how to properly present dry flies from an upstream, across stream and downstream point. We’ll also cover multiple mending techniques including a serpentine mend along with several other ariel and  water mends. Learn when and why to skate dries versus a more traditional dead drift.

Spey Class (6/26/21):

Start with the basic spey casts with both single and two handed rods, work on building leaders and different techniques of spey fishing. There will be an emphasis on Atlantic Salmon (Ocean Run) fishing techniques during this class however we will cover spey fishing for trout as well!

Women’s Fly Fishing School (7/10/21):

Join our awesome instructor Stephanie Olsen for a great intro to fly fishing school! Start off with the basics! From casting to knot tying, Identifying bugs and much more! Then head down to the river and put everything you learned at the shop to use and catch some fish!


Call for rates 802-253-7346 


Call for rates 802-253-7346


  • Comfortable clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Water and snacks
  • Rain gear(if applicable)
  • Camera
  • Insect repellant
  • Hat


Guiding is hard work. It’s our goal is to give you a safe, fun and educational experience that will leave you wanting more. If you’ve enjoyed your trip, tipping 15% -20% (or whatever you deem acceptable) is encouraged. Let them know how much fun you had!


At a minimum, all of our guides are basic first aid and CPR certified by the Red Cross. The guides are there to make necessary decisions to ensure everyone’s safety, and to help if an emergency situation should arise.


  • Transportation to Waterbury Reservoir is provided by The Fly Rod Shop.
  • Advance registration required. Space is limited so book early.
  • An adult must accompany children under the age of 14.


The Fly Rod Shop reserves the right to cancel any trip and/or make changes to itineraries as deemed necessary. You can contact us any time to cancel your reservation, however your deposit is not refundable if within 7 days of trip. These trips go out rain or shine. Occasionally, due to an unforeseen situation and/or safety concerns, we may cancel a trip. If this happens (and it’s rare it does) we will attempt to re-book with you on a date that is agreeable to both parties or refund your deposit.


  • We are not liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained to participants or personal property.
  • Due to fluctuating fuel costs and other factors, The Fly Rod Shop reserves the right to change guiding rates at any time.