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Water Clarity:Clear

Water Temperatures: 52-65

Hatches: Golden and Black Stoneflies, Olive and Tan Caddis, BWOs , Light Cahils, Hoppers, Tricos, Flying Ants, Iso’s 

Suggested Patterns: Gray Wulf #10-12, Parachute Adams (#10-18) Orange Stimulators (#12-16) Light Cahils (#14-18) Flying Ants (#14-16) Black Ant (#14-18) BWO #(18-20) More or Less Hoppers (#10-12) Chart. Copper Johns (#16-18) Bird Of Prey Olive or Brown (#14-16) Pheasant Tail (#12-18) Prince Nymph (#14-18) Olive Hare’s Ear (#14-18) Kyle’s BH CNC (#16-18) Hotwire Caddis (#16) Wooly Buggers-Olive (#6-10) Muddlers, Grey Ghosts, Black Nosed Dace


This cooler weather has really helped the fishing out. The larger rivers are becoming pretty productive and the water temps are in the low to mid 60s and should continue to drop through the next few days. ISOs have been around most evenings, the guides have been seeing lots of shucks in the mornings on both the Lamoille and Winooski. The water is LOW. We could definitely use a good push of water to increase the levels. The fish are starting to get pretty spooky in the smaller streams. Make longer casts with smaller flies and lighter tippet, try to stay out of the water as much as possible as well and you should hit a few more fish. Either way fish are going to spook in the smaller streams. Lots of the fish in the larger rivers we’ve been getting have been in the heavier pocket water as those areas stand a bit more oxygenated during low water and will keep the fish a bit happier. Fishing dry flies in pocket water can be a bit tricky but if you fish a larger Stimulator or Hopper pattern that floats well you’d be in good shape. Nymphing them is generally more effective and one of the most effective ways to nymph pocket water is to ditch the bobbers and “tightline” nymph all of the pockets. This generally requires slightly heavier flies, longggg leaders and if possible a longer rod. A 9′ rod can get the job done but a rod between 10 and 11 will work better. We should see another flying ant hatch at some point over the next few weeks but who really knows. Other than that smaller Caddis will be hatching (lots of tan) and BWOs will continue to hatch as well. This time of the year we will start to see more BWOs especially on any day with some cloud cover and a slight drizzle. We’ve got some rain in the forecast for tomorrow and then some more next week. Just what we need. Between that and the cooler air temps the fishing is going to continue to get better as water temps continue to cool. 39 degrees forecasted for a night temp this coming Friday!!!! Good luck to everyone getting on the water this week. Bring a thermometer if you’re going to sneak out after work for a few hours. Some days the bigger rivers will probably be good to go but there’s a chance they won’t be so it’ll be good to know one way or the other!!

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River Water Temp Water Clarity Last Update  USGS Fl
Winooski  63am Clear 8/30/17 138 @ Montpelier
Dog  56 am Clear  8/30/17 32 @ Falls
Lamoille  61am  Clear 8/30/17 122 @ Johnson