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Winter Fly Tying Classes

Private Classes

Starting in January, we will offer Private Fly Tying classes for beginners through advanced fly tiers by reservation $95.00 for the first person and $45.00 for each additional person.

Introduction to Fly Tying Classes

2 hours, $30 per class or both for $50. All tools and materials included.

Tuesday, February 6th 6pm-8pm

  • Class 1:
  • Tools. discussion and Demo
  • Hooks: Styles. Parts of and how used to proportion flies. Hooking leverage.
  • Threads: Types. When to use.
  • Materials: In general: natural & synthetic.
  • Thread Management: How to control with bobbin. Starting on hook. Movement along shank. Whip finish. etc.
  • Fly #1: San Juan Worm
  • Fly #2: Floss Body Soft Hackle
  • Wrapping material.
  • Wrapping hackle.

Tuesday, February 13th 6pm-8pm Class 2:

  • Dubbing. Dry fly hackling. Palmering.
  • Continue thread management. Proper mounting of materials.
  • Stressing proportions.
  • Fly #1: Hare’s Ear Nymph
  • Fly #2: Elk Hair Caddis
  • With & without palmered hackle .
  • Fly #3: Catskill Style Dry, stressing split wings and dry fly hackle.
  • Fly #4: Standard Wooly Bugger


Advanced Fly Tying Classes

2 hours, $30.00 per class or both for $50. All tools and materials provided. Dealing with Bucktail. Stacking and spinning Deer Hair. Basic Dubbing loop. Parachute drys—natural and synthetic posts. Rubber legs. Beads.

Tuesday, February 20th 6pm-8pm

  • Class1:
  • Fly#1: Parachute Dries: Natural posts and synthetic.
  • Fly #2: Generic stonefly nymph.
  • a. With and without dubbing loops.
  • b. With and without Bead head.
  • c. With and without Rubberlegs.

Tuesday, February 27th 6pm-8pm

  • Class 2:
  • Bucktail
  • Fly #1: Clouser
  • Fly #2: Mickey Finn
  • Deer Hair
  • Fly #1: Deer Hair Wooly Bugger
  • (Fly #2: Marabou Muddler)

We will also be offering more specialty fly tying classes later on in March. These classes will focus on particular fly patterns that involve more instruction . We will have some guest tyers come in to do some of these classes as well as some of our guides. Stay tuned for updates! Thursday Night Dubbers Starting mid February we will get Thursday Night Dubbers up and running again. Bring your own vise, materials and something to drink and tie up some flies!! 5:30pm-8ish! Call ahead of time to let us know you’re coming!


Call to reserve 802-253-7346

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