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Fall in Vermont is an awesome time of the year to be fishing. One species of fish in particular gives the fly angler great opportunities at hooking and landing one that may be a bit more of a challenge the rest of the year. In Mid-September we begin targeting one of the most exhilarating, hard fighting fish Vermont has to offer, Landlocked Atlantic Salmon. Landlocked Salmon begin their fall spawning run in Mid September when there’s an influx of water on spawning tributaries of certain lakes in Vermont. The two most popular ones are Lake Champlain and Lake Mephremagog. Both lakes have multiple rivers that can fish well in the fall and attract anglers from all over the Northeast. We primarily target the Clyde River, which is one of the bigger tribs to Magog. There’s about two miles of fishable water before the first dam allowing you to fish more water than on most of the Champlain Tribs. These fish can be a challenge to catch though. Some days it requires very small nymphs drifted perfectly with extremely light tippet to get these fish to bite. I have spent many days up there seeing more people struggle than being successful and have seen it in the shop with people that are coming back from fishing the Clyde. If fishing for LLS is something you want to dial in a bit better, or just a species that have been on your list of species to catch give us a call and set up a full day trip with one of our experienced guides. We’ll be sure to show you everything you need to know to catch these magnificent fish!

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