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If you’re planning on coming up to the 3rd Annual VT Fly Fishing Show make sure to bring a rod or four with you!! Fishing in the Green Mountain State, specifically in the Central part of the state in September can be pretty sweet and provides lot of options. From fishing a small brookie stream to stalking spring creek like rivers like the Dog with a hopper you’ve got options. We also start to see Landlocked Atlantics make their way in some of the tributaries of Lake Champlain and Lake Mephramagog giving fly anglers awesome opportunities to target arguably the largest Land Locked Salmon of the northeast.

The brook trout fishing amidst the Green Mountains can keep you occupied all day if you’d like and keep you coming back for more. In late August the males usually start to display their exuberant spawning colors as the female start to plump up with eggs for their November Spawning. During September these fish will still readily take dries and start becoming more aggressive towards streamers as well. What these fish lack in size they make up for in numbers and willingness to take a fly!

The larger rivers like the Lamoille and Winooski are cooling off by this point and the fall hatches start to take place. We’ll start to see ISO’s at the end of August along with more consistent BWO hatches and some fall Caddis Flies. The fish are usually looking up at this point and if for some reason they are not they’ll will happily take a well drifted nymph!

When it comes to the Landlocked Salmon, in the earlier part of September if they’re in the rivers you can stick with the classic New England Streamers like the Grey Ghost, Michey Finn and Black Nosed Dase. As the sun comes up these flies will still work but often nymphs tend to be more productive. Smaller sizes seem to work the best, most often we fish #16s and #18s for fall run Salmon. Lighter Fluoro tippet in 4x and 5x is a must for these fish as they do get line shy sometimes when it comes to nymphs.

These are just a couple of options that one should consider to take advantage of while up here for the 3rd Annual VT Fly Fishing Show!! Below are some recommended flies, leader and rods!

Recommended flies to have: Parachute Adams (#12-18), Grey Wulf (#10-12) Royal Wulf (#12-16) Hoppers (#8-12) Pheasant Tails (#12-18) Red Copper Johns (#14-16) Anderson’s Bird of Prey (#14-16) Hare’s Ear (#14-16) Prince Nymphs (#12-16) Hotwire Caddis (#14-16) Kyle’s BH CNC (#14-18) Muddler Minnows (#4-10) Wooly Buggers Olive, Black, Brown (#4-8) Olive Zonkers (#6)

Rods to have: short 2 or 3wt for brookie streams, 9′ 4wt or 5wt for larger rivers and Landlocked Salmon.

Leaders and Tippet: 9′ 3x 4x and 5x with tippet in both standard nylon for dries and flouro for nymphing.

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