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Water Clarity: Clear

Water Temperatures: 50-60

Hatches: Stones, Caddis, ISOs, Tricos, Hoppers, BWOs

Suggested Patterns: Parachute Adams, BWO Dries, Griffith Gnats, Hoppers, Smaller Caddis, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, BWO Nymphs, San Juan Worms, Wooly Buggers, Zonkers, Sculpin, Cheech Leech, Complex Twist Buggers

The fishing has been great lately! The rain we received last weekend was a little more than what we’d like to see but things have settled down and pretty much everything is back to a fishable level.We’ve had a couple slower trips but overall it’s been great. This week so far we’ve been doing  a bit more sub surface stuff with the higher flows, swinging wooly buggers and other small to medium sized streams has been super effective as well as nymphing. We’ve hit a few good dry fly hatches and picked up fish on top as well, the dry fly fishing will improve as the water levels drop a little more over the next few days. The next week or so should be great to be on the larger rivers. If you’re going to fish the WInooski, I’d stay above the little river confluence as there’s still a good amount of water coming out of the reservoir. From waterbury up to the head waters should be great, some of the pocket water may be a little difficult to fish since the flows are still on the higher side but it’s very fishable. The entire Lamoille is in great shape as of right now. All the larger tribs are definitely worth hitting as well, Dog, Huntington, Gihon, North Branch etc… Be on the lookout for Redds or spawning fish. If you do run into any, leave them alone. Be mindful of wading as we get further into the month as well, any circular, or oval shaped spots in gravel that are visible are likely beds, avoid wading near these as stomping a bed full of eggs is a sure way to elimnate future wild trout. Targeting fish that are paired up and actively spawning would also mess with things so if you see a few fish in shallow water towards the tailout of a pool leave them be.

The salmon fishing has improved a bit this week with some more fish showing up after the push of water we got. A mix of nymphs and streamers have been catching the landlocks, streamers always seem to work best for fish that have just entered the river, once the fish have been in the river for a few days to a week they seem to be more interested in nymphs. Smaller trout nymphs like copper johns, prince nymphs, wd-40s and bird of prey all seem to get the job done. Don’t forget to have a few pink worms with you too!

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See you there!

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River: Winooski:

Water Temp: 58

Water Clarity: Clear

Last Update: 10/12
USGS FI: 415

River: Dog
Water Temp: 55am
Water Clarity: Clear
Last Update: 10/12/23

River: Lamoille
Water Temp 56

Water Clarity: Clear
Last Update: 10/12/23
USGS FI: 232


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