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Water Clarity: Clear- Clear

Water Temperatures:48-58ish

Hatches: Golden and Black Stoneflies, Olive and Tan Caddis, BWOs ,Hoppers, Iso’s, Cahills

Suggested Patterns: Adams (#18) Black Ants (#18) Chernobyl Ants, X Caddis (#18) Soft Hackles (#14-March Brown, Pheasant Tail, Orange) Bird Of Prey (#16-18) Pheasant Tails (#16-18) Copper Johns (#16-18) Strollis Quil Jig (#12-16) Caddis Poopah (#14-Olive) Dirty Bird (#12-16-Rust or Olive) Wooly Buggers (#4-8) Strolis Headbanger Sculpin (Olive)

Things have continued to be pretty good over the past few days, our trips have been successful for the most part. Good number of BWOs coming off during the afternoons and the fish have been responding well. We’ve had some giant fish eat our flies over the past few days, hard to keep 20 plus inch fish hooked on 6x especially with people that may have never fought a fish on a fly rod before. Water temps have been hanging in the low to mid 50s for the most part and it will probably remain that way over the next week or so. It looks like next week we’re gonna get quite a bit of rain which we desperately need. We’ve been having great luck on the Lamoille from Johnson all the way up to Wolcott and the Winooski from the Jonesville bridge all the way up to Montpellier and a bit above that as well.  A combo of Dries, nymphs and soft hackles have all worked pretty well and gotten their share of fish.  The Landlocked Salmon fishing has been alight, could still use some more rain to bring those levels up but we’ve been getting into fish. Definitely seeing more fish in the slower water, we hooked a lot of fish at the tail end of a run as the water slow down but just before it dumped into a big almost stagnant pool. Fish feeding on dries in this slower water are going to be fussier than they would be if they were in the faster water because they’ve got more time to inspect their food before they eat it. Smaller tippet will be helpful along with more strategic casts and set ups to specific fish. IE get your fly a good ways above them and make sure you get a good dead, drag free drift. Avoid letting your fly line drift over the fish as well. Make sure you don’t slap the water on your cast either, a client the other day did that and put   every fish down for 20 minutes that was feeding in front of him. Avoid wearing bright colors as well, although it may not be a bad idea if you’re hiking into a spot to wear some orange as there’s several hunting seasons going on right now. Good luck to everyone getting out this weekend! Should be good, fish mid day into the afternoons!

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River Water Temp Water Clarity Last Update  USGS Fl
Winooski  55am Clear 10/19/17 112 @ Montpelier
Dog  52am Clear  10/19/17 21.2 @ Falls
Lamoille  54am  Clear 10/19/17 108 @ Johnson