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Water Clarity: Clear

Water Temperatures: 58-72

Hatches: Brown and Gold Stones. Tan/Olive Caddis, Sulfurs, Cahils, Yellow Sallies,

Suggested Patterns: X-Caddis (#12-16), White Wulf (#14-16), Light Cahils (#14-16) Griffith Gnats (#18-20) Parachute Adams (#16-18) Yellow Stimulator (#12-16) PMDs #14-16) Pheasant Tails (#14-18) Hares Ears (#14-18) Olive Anderson’s Bird Of Prey (#14-16) Trina’s Micro Stone (#14-16) Soft Hackles!, Formula 2 Caddis (#14-16)

Things have continued to be decent for us over the last week or so. Temps are starting to get high, and levels are a little low but it looks like we’ll be getting some much needed rain. The main Winooski in the Waterbury area temped yesterday am in the high 60s, the Lamoille above Morrisville was a bit cooler but still warmer than we’d like. The rain/storm moving through tomorrow is followed by a nice cold front which should set the weekend up really nicely for some great trout fishing. Water temps will drop and be at much better temps in  another two days.

We’ve been getting fish both nymphing and dry fly fishing. Early and late on dries, and nymphing in the brighter conditions. With the water being low we’ve been going down to 5.5x for most situations and it’s seemed to help quite a bit. Been seeing some PMDs and Tan Caddis in the morning and seeing Cahils and Sulfurs in the afternoon. Yellow Sallies have been present as well. 

Most of our focus over the past few days have been on the upper sections of the larger tribs of the main rivers. A lengthy way to describe the water that’s not quite what we’d classify as a “brook trout stream” most of these pieces of water will contain all 3 species of trout, a mix of both stocked and wild. These sections have provided the cooler temps we’ve been looking for while still having enough faster flowing pocket water to keep things oxygenated in the lower water levels. On lots of these streams the trick has been to keep moving. There’s lots of fish in specific spots but with the lower flows once you get a couple in a spot you’re going to spook the majority of them. Once the fish get spooked they won’t be interested in eating for a while. 

The bass fishing has continued to be productive as well, the river bass are turning on and the fish in the lakes are in full eating mode now. Been doing well with smallmouth on topwater super early in the morning. Been finding a good amount of fish on the shallow side of the steep drops. They seem to move up out of the deeper water during low light periods and then drop back off into the deeper water by 7 or 8am once the sun has come up. With it being light out so early you could hit the lake for a couple hours before work and still show up on time! 

If you’re getting out this weekend the conditions should be great. It’ll really come down to how much rain we get tomorrow, if we get a ton the bigger rivers may be shot for Saturday, if we don’t get too much they could be great! Either way, it’ll be a great weekend to be on the water! Good luck and be safe.

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River: Winooski

Water Temp: 67AM

Water Clarity: Clear
Last Update: 615/22
USGS FI: 265

River: Dog
Water Temp: 65
Water Clarity: Clear
Last Update: 6/15/22

River: Lamoille
Water Temp:65am

Water Clarity: Clear
Last Update: 6/15/22
USGS FI: 185