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Water Clarity: Bigger rivers are obviously shot-this will last for quite a while, some of the higher elevation mtn streams are already fishable.

Water Temperatures: 

Hatches: Stones, Caddis, Sulfurs, Cahils, Yellow Sallies

Suggested Patterns: Royal Wulfs, Stimulators, Micro Chubbies, Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, Streamers!!! 

Not much new to report, lots more rain but the fishing has been quite good. The smallers streams have been producing a lot of fish. Ran into some really nice fish in the past few days in some Winooski and Lamoille tribs just above the confluences, likely fish that either live in the lower portion of the tribs all year and are just fired up from the high water, could also be fish that moved up out of the mainstems to get into some more mellow water. Getting lots of phones calls from folks wondering if it’s worth going out, and if there’s any fish left. We can confirm on both accounts: Yes. The small streams seem to be in as good of shape as they were before the flood, in a few years we may notice a missing age class of fish, that would be the ones that hatched this year. Those are likely the fish to have taken it the hardest, although they will rebound quite quickly. 

Lots of the larger tribs are still in pretty rough shape, likely due to the fact that we’ve continued to get a pile of rain, along with there likely being culverts, drainage pipes and ditches washed out. It’s anyone’s guess as to how long they’ll be chocolate milk for. As far as the mainstem of the Winooski and Lamoille it definitely won’t be any time soon. Could have a great fall on the bigger rivers though, high water in the summer often leads to good fishing in the fall. Time will tell!

For those going out this week, fish the mountain streams, most of the ones in the Winooski and Lamoille Watersheds will be fishable by the end of today or tomorrow-since we did pick up quite a bit of rain yesterday. Start off throwing dries, if the water is high, and you’re not having much success, through a small nymph or streamer off the back of a hopper and you should be in business! Good luck on the water and don’t forget some areas are still high, and have unpredictable currents, along with the banks potentially being far less stable.



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