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This fall kicks off the 5th year of Steelhead University. It has been a very popular program with anglers looking to learn how to properly fish for these magnificent fish. Learn techniques on locating fish, systematically breaking down the river to fish more efficiently, how to spot fish, fight fish and much more! This two and a half day program includes lodging, dinner and lunches and tons of valuable information.

Bob Shannon has guided on the Salmon River in Upstate New York for 30 years now and has learned the ins and outs of the river and the fish that migrate into the river every fall and spring. From being able to spot fish to finding out how to trigger a strike  when nothing seems to work, Bob has the answers. His unique nymphing method using a Raven FS float and a chain of weights to achieve a true vertical dead drift is unlike other nymphing methods. This method will completely change the way you fish for these fish and will allow to you catch fish in water other methods won’t. You will also learn how to dry fly fish for these silver bullets. Dry fly fishing and skating streamers is something done out West quite a bit. Not until five or six years ago did anglers start doing it in NY. Even now, only a very small handful of anglers do it. Although it may be one of the least effective ways at catching Steelhead it is easily the most exciting way to do so. Bob has spent many years dialing in this technique and knows where and how to fish certain flies to draw the most interest and likeliness of a surface strike.

If steelhead fishing is something you want to learn more about to increase your success rates this is the program for you. Coming in at $699 for 2.5 days of guided instruction and lodging at The Tailwater Lodge you aren’t going to find a better deal!