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Water Clarity: Clear-Mud

Water Temperatures: 50s-70

Hatches: Golden Stoneflies, Tan Caddis, Light Cahils, Sulfurs, PMDs, Hex, A Few Hoppers are out

Suggested Patterns:  Anderson’s Bird of Prey (Olive-#14-16) Pheasant Tails #14-18) Strolis Quil Body Jig (#12-16) Green Copper Johns (#12-14) Kaufman Stone Flies (#10-12) Girdle Bugs (8-12) Zug Bugs #12-18) Parachute Adams (#12-16) Elk Hair Caddis-Olive and Tan (#14-18) Goddard Caddis #14-18, Light Cahils (#12-14) Montana Mouth Wash, MFGA Prince,  El Sculpito, Muddler Minnows, Bunny Muddlers, Complex Twist Buggers

More rain which is just what we needed! It looks like the majority of the rain went south of us. The Lamoille hasn’t come up much, the Winooski is on the rise and the Mad was absolutely blown out this morning. Over 2k CFS in Moretown. With that being said, if we don’t receive more rain tonight I’d be focusing on the Winooski watershed over the weekend. Not specifically the main Winooski but the tribs should all be in great shape. The Mad may still be in rough shape tomorrow but by Sunday it should be fine. The mid sized tribs would be worth hitting tomorrow am with streamers, hopefully there will still be a little color to them and the bigger fish may be on the more aggressive side. We’ve often found, after a push of water even if the water is crystal clear the fish will still be willing to eat a big streamer so don’t be discouraged if it is crystal clear. Scaling back on flash and running more naturally colored  flies wouldn’t be a bad idea in the clearer flows. If throwing streamers anywhere, be sure to stay out of the water as much as possible. Many times we’ve hooked big wild browns within 12″ of the shoreline. None of these fish would have even eaten our fly had we been in the water. Another tip would be to really keep an eye on the fly as you’re pulling it out of the water. Many times fish will be chasing the fly, as you pull it out, if you see a fly you can usually get them to take it if you immediately put it back in the water and give it a few twitches. 

If fishing the smaller water today, if it’s still on the higher side start off throwing some bushy dries. If the fish don’t seem to respond after fishing 2-4 pools switch it up and either fish nymphs or smaller streamers. Occasionally in higher flows brook trout and other trout living in the smaller streams will be reluctant to come up to take a dry fly. The fishing in the smaller streams should be really good this weekend so if the bigger water isn’t happening don’t think twice about hitting your favorite brook trout stream. 

The stillwater fishing has still been pretty good, we haven’t spent too much time chasing the hex’s but have gotten some good reports from multiple lakes in the area that it’s in full swing. Some evenings are good, others aren’t, being there on the good nights is worth having a few slow nights though.

Good luck to everyone getting out there this weekend!



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River: Winooski

Water Temp: 64am
Water Clarity: Mud
Last Update: 7/9/21
USGS FI: 463

River: Dog
Water Temp: 62
Water Clarity: Stained
Last Update: 7/9/21
USGS FI: 185

River: Lamoille
Water Temp:65
Water Clarity: Muddy
Last Update: 7/9/21
USGS FI: 139