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Water Clarity: Muddy-Clear

Water Temperatures:  56-67

Hatches: Golden Stoneflies, Olive and Tan Caddis, BWOs, Sulfurs, Brown and Green Drakes, Light Cahils, Hex, Hoppers

Suggested Patterns: X-Caddis Tan (#16-18) Elk Hair Caddis (#14-18) Light Cahill (#14-18) More or Less Hopper (#8-12) Dave’s Hopper (#8-12) BWO (#16-20) Blond Wulf (#12-16) Royal Wulf (#12-16) Morrish Hotwire Caddis (Olive #14-16) Bird of Prey (Brown or Olive #14-16) Pheasant Tail (#12-18) Copper Johns (#14-16) Hare’s Ears (#14-18) Tan/Gold Stoneflies (#8-10)  Wooly Buggers (Brown #4-10) Zonkers-Black or Olive Montana Mouthwash, Mini Sex Dungeons, 


We’ve continued to have good luck over the past couple of days. Fish have keyed in on grasshoppers and that has been one of our go to’s over the past couple of days of fishing as far as dries go. With the rain we’ve been getting some of the water levels have come up a little bit and gotten dirty. On those streams streamer fishing may be the best option. With the cooler air temps we’ve been having the water temps are in pretty good shape right now on everything. Bigger rivers have been between 62 and 64 in the morning and over the past two days they haven’t warmed up much. With the drizzly weather that it looks like we’re going to see over the next week be sure to have some BWO patterns in your box. I also saw a pretty good Trico Spinner fall on tuesday on a smaller stream so depending on where you’re fishing it may not be a bad idea to have some Trico Spinners in your box. Still a little early to see them in higher concentrations but we’re getting there.  We’ve got plenty of rain in the forecast which we really didn’t need but it’ll keep things cool. It’s going to warm back up into the 80’s on Sunday but the rain should help things out. The Winooski looked like it was in pretty good shape this morning, a little dirty but definitely fishable in the stretch in Waterbury. The Lamoille is still moving pretty good but should be fishable with a sink tip and a streamer. The fishing should remain good over the next couple of days all over. As long as we don’t get too much rain in a super short period of time which it doesn’t look like we will things will be good.

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River Water Temp Water Clarity Last Update  USGS Fl
Winooski  64 Stained 7/14/17 657 @ Montpelier
Dog 60 Clear  7/14/17 149 @ Falls
Lamoille  62  Stained 7/14/17 782 @ Johnson