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Water Clarity: Clear

Water Temperatures: 55-70ish

Hatches: Golden and Black Stoneflies, Olive and Tan Caddis, BWOs , Light Cahils, Hoppers, Tricos, Flying Ants, Iso’s, White Flies

Suggested Patterns: Parachute Adams (#10-18) Grey Wulf (#10-16) Light Cahill (#12-14) Blonde Wulf #10-12, Hoppers, Cinnamon Flying Ants (#16) Bird of Prey (#14-16) Pheasant Tails (#12-18) Caddis Pupa (#12-16) Copper Johns Copper or Red (#16-18) Hare’s Ears Natural or Olive (#12-18) Black Stoneflies (#6-8) 

It seems like fall is out the door and we’re back to summer weather. The fishing has remained good but you’ve gotta find the cooler water. Morning temps on the bigger rivers have been good for the most part although some afternoons they’ve been nearing 70. If you’re going to hit the bigger stuff in the afternoon bring a thermometer with you. If the water’s seventy head further up stream until you find cooler water or go chase brookies in some of the smaller tribs! We’ve still been seeing ISOs hatching along with a bunch of Caddis flies, Cahils and some others. Swinging soft hackles has been really productive in the morning along with nymphing the faster runs and pocket water. Hoppers or Stimulators are a good morning fly to be throwing when it comes to dry flies. Both the Lamoille and Winooski have been lower 60’s the past few mornings and the fish have been very active and willing to play. The next week is looking pretty warm and dry, more like what we expect in August. This weather may affect the fishing a bit, both in levels and temps. The small streams will stay cool but the fish are going to be spooky. Step lightly, use smaller flies, light tippet and longer cast while brookie fishing. Same goes to the larger rivers but not necessarily to the same degree. The fish will get spooky but because there’s more water it won’t be as bad as the smaller streams. Heavy pocket water is good water to focus on as well since there’s gonna be more oxygen (and current) in these spots. It does look like the night time temps are going to be a bit cooler which will help keep bigger water temps cool at least during the morning. The Lake Run Salmon fishing has been mediocre for the most part. Low levels and warmer water have kept some fish out of the rivers and with the warmer water the fish that are in the river have seemed to be a bit more sluggish. Once we get some cooler weather and another push of water that should turn around. Good luck to everyone getting out over the next few days!


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River Water Temp Water Clarity Last Update  USGS Fl
Winooski  62am Clear 9/17/17 166 @ Montpelier
Dog  60 am Clear  9/17/17 33.5 @ Falls
Lamoille  61am  Clear 9/17/17 171 @ Johnson